Meet Former Miss South Carolina: Megan Pinckney!

Welcome to the Mylk Mood Blog! We are so stoked to share this fun interview with y’all!

We are back with another feature from one of our fave Southern Belles. Meet Megan Pinckney! You may know her as @shadesofpinck on Instagram! She has a special little surprise for you at the end of this blog post, so make sure you read the post in it’s entirety.  

Tell us a little about yourself! We know that you were Miss South Carolina USA and would love to hear more about how that experience shaped you! 

My name is Megan. I was born and raised here in Charleston and my roots here run deep for generations. I spent most of my childhood as a ballerina and eventually became a member of the Carolina Girls dance team during my freshman year at The University of South Carolina. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and am a HUGE Gamecock fan. In 2013 I was crowned Miss South Carolina USA and went on to finish in the Top 5 of that year’s Miss USA competition. That experienced greatly shaped me into the woman I am today. Aside from the confidence it instilled in me as well as the skills to communicate with almost anyone, it created an endless network that I heavily rely on still to this day. Not only did I meet most of my best friends during this time, I met people who have helped me in my career, who have given me opportunities to experience not-so ordinary things, and people who have continued to mentored me through life. I am forever grateful for that experience and will always feel a connection to that system.

Your blog features a lot of travel tips, but what are your favorite free things to recommend to people visiting Charleston?

Charleston is so beautiful and there’s something here for everyone. My top three favorite things to do for free in Charleston are: walk around The Battery and gaze at the beautiful homes (of course, my favorite is the pink mansion on the corner of East Bay), read Skirt Magazine on the pier at Folly Beach, and discover local artisans at The Market (although it would be pretty hard not to buy anything while there)! 


What is your favorite place for happy hour in Charleston?

There are SO many great places to grab a cocktail in Charleston. I love the vibes at The Darling Oyster Bar, Goat Cow Sheep North, and (if it’s warm outside) the rooftop bar atop The Grand Bohemian Hotel.

Favorite nail polish color?

Duh! I adore different shades of pink 😉 I love that y’all carry Smith and Cult too, which is one of my favorite polish brands.

Thoughts on nail art?! 

While I’m known to keep a fresh mani, I’m usually not the kind of girl that gets nail art. I tend to keep my nails pretty simple: various shades of pink (shocker!) and nudes. I once got my nails painted red for like 4 straights months and had no shame! But, I needed a little extra holiday magic in my life this year and figured I’d trust MylkBar with my nail art virginity!

I’m happy to report that holding out for as long as I did was totally worth it because the designs they gave me are TRULY Pin worthy. (No, forreal y’all..Pin it!!)

What are your thoughts about the clean beauty industry and how has that impacted the choices you make for your personal routine?

I appreciate the efforts of the clean beauty industry and how it has shined a light on the ingredients used in common beauty products. I think the more people are educated about ingredients and how environmental toxins may impact our bodies, the more they’ll be able to make better choices. It’s because of the clean beauty movement that I have made much more of an effort to use “clean” facial products. I’m currently in search of “clean” deodorant after reading about the chemicals found in common deodorant brands and how chemicals enter the body through sweat glands.

I am also in love with the Leahlani Mermaid Mask that y’all carry as it is safe to use for all ages and skin types!

Who do you admire most?

My mother and grandmother have. and always will be, the biggest inspirations to me. In addition to them, I’d include Michelle Obama. She is the epitome of grace and dignity; I admire her strength and values.

What are your top 3 go to beauty products?

Eve Lom Facial Cleanser 

RuckerRoots’ Anti-frizz silkening grown serum

NARS Jubilation Highlight Blush

If you kept reading all the way down to this point then you’ve gotten to know Megan pretty well! She mentioned how she really liked clean facials products and taking care of her skin which we think is pretty important too. Go to @shadesofpinckand to enter our GIVEAWAY  for a free Mylkmani + Celluma LED light treatment.

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